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The perfect companion to managing stress are the principles and strategies of health and well-being contained in more than 150 stress management exercises, that show you how to withstand the pressures of stress that come your way.  At the center for Peace and Relaxation Therapeutics, we design a comprehensive action plan to benefit individual needs to help our clients develop effective coping skills, and learn to use proven relaxation techniques. 

Resa Mitchell
Relaxation Therapist

Resa is a recognized authority on the inimical role of stress and  biopsychospiritual issues concerning health. She is a powerful motivational teacher on faith, spirit, health, well-being, and history. She holds honorariums in more than 13 professions.

Darlyne Jacquet
Executive Secretary

Darlyne is a high school graduate born and raised in Haiti. She handles our administrative department business matters, and is usually that staff member stuck sitting behind the desk all day with a sticky note posted on her forehead! 

Brittany Mitchell
Medical Records Mgr.

Brittany is a graduate of Griffin High School, and graduate of Ashworth College Pharmacy Technician diploma program. She currently resides in Topeka, Kansas, and handles all of our national, and international client records. 

Bishop Zeno Darden
Director of Counseling

Zeno Darden is the Arch Bishop, and founder of Harvest-In-Time Christian University, Gary, Indiana, accredited by the Global Evangelical Christian College And Seminary Association, Montgomery, Alabama. He is the Dr. of Counseling at PRTC.