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Originally, the word stress was a term used in physics, primarily to describe enough tension or force placed on an object to bend or break it. Relaxation, on the other hand, was defined as any nonwork activity done during the evenings or on Sunday afternoons when all the stores were closed. On rare occasions, if one could afford it, relaxation meant a vacation or holiday at some far away place. Conceptually, relaxation was a value, influenced by several religions and represented as a day of rest. 

Today, the word stress is frequently used to describe the level of tension people feel is placed on their minds and souls by the demands of their jobs, relationships, and responsibilities in their personal lives. Oddly, for some, stress seems to be a status symbol tied to self-esteem. Our services are designed to provided people with self-help knowledge, and skills they can practice to obtain healthy life-style changes, and freedom. The services provided are not all of what we do, so be sure to schedule your FREE 1 Hour Consultation with Resa. 


The Nature of Stress

The Sociology of Stress 

Stress and Disease

Psychology of Stress

The Stress Emotions: Anger, Fear, and Joy

Stress-Prone and Stress-Resistant Personality Traits

Stress and Human Spirituality


Cognitive Restructuring: Reframing

Behavior Modifications

Journal Writing

Expressive Art Therapy

Humor Therapy (Comic Relief)

Creative Problem Solving

Communication Skills in the Information Age

Resource Management: Managing Time and Money

Additional Coping Techniques


Diaphragmatic Breathing

Meditation and Mindfulness

Exercise Prescription

Mental Imagery and Visualization

Music Therapy

Massage Therapy

Chiropractic and Botanical Medicine

Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Autogenic Training and Clinical Biofeedback

Physical Exercise, Nutrition, and Stress

Ecotherapy: The Healing Power of Nature



These services can be worked into your LIFESTYLE CHANGES PLAN. The LIFESTYLE CHANGES PLANS are listed above.  


A customizable plan can be worked into your LIFESTYLE CHANGES PLAN. Keep in mind we try to customize our plans according to our clients budget to avoid discouragement. This type progress is not done over night, but in phases. 


This program is customized to help clients in LIFESTYLE CHANGES recover to build strength, and mobility in areas they did not have before. This program is very successful, and tweaked with additional programs can be very beneficial.  


This service is offered as a pre-condition or alternative after other services has been rendered and the client has not reached or completed their LIFESTYLE PLAN GOALS. A referral to speak with our Director of Counseling  may be required. 

If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please do not hesitate to speak with one of our staff. We do offer additional services in areas of ministry. Should you desire to speak with clergy, complete the contact form and a leader will be instructed to contact you!